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may 2023

Carolyn Stapleton


By far the best workout on MV or anywhere!!! is NisaFit- I had the best time on VACAY- waking up early and working out with Nisa Mars Counter and so many great ladies - those that live on the Island each day are so fortunate to have a committed instructor who changes it up and makes you work hard outside- I will be back!!


I have worked with some of the best trainers in NYC everyone has their own special way. But with NISA its her spirit her willfulness and compassion that make YOU believe you can do anything and be the very best you can be!!! I'm blessed to have her as a friend and a teacher....


 Bootie Camp rules!! Nisa always comes up with fun new interesting workouts and challenges us all to be the best we can be. No matter what your level of fitness is she has your back.
She is a force of nature-Join up you will be so glad you did!!

summer 2023

testimonial July 2023 

“I accidentally happened upon Nisa’s bootcamp classes, and a one-off drop-in class turned into my morning ritual every single day for a five week stay on the island. I got fit, I made friends, I laughed and learned a lot. This class is literally for everyone, whether you are new to working out or a fitness buff. Thank you to Nisa and to all the amazing women who show up every day. I cannot wait to return next year.”



Nisa gets real results!! Every year I am amazed at her ability to transform my body!!

Thank you

SO much Nisa & Ben 

testimonial August 2023 

I started Nisafit for one day in June and ended up going for the next seven weeks straight. As a tried and true gym struggler, and someone who loves the outdoors, it was an immediate great fit. It’s an understatement to say that you literally don’t notice an entire hour going by and your body will change. What I didn’t expect was to leap out of bed every morning at 5:30- excited to hang with an incredibly cool, inclusive, funny, and kind group of women, guided by Nisa’s warm, compassionate, and skilled guidance. You will get hooked, feel great and have those warm fuzzies a gym can’t provide. You will return to Nisafit and her crew every summer. Win-win!!



A Happier You

 our personalized training regime will guarantee results. we love our mother daughter teams


Our Clients Say

 I met Nisa in 1993 at the Mansion House where she taught a muscle class and a step class and did personal training. My husband Woody and I did some personal training with her. She set up a program for Woody to follow and I started taking her muscle classes 3 days a week and loved them. She started her MisFits Bootcamp in 1997 that started at 6.00am every morning in addition to her afternoon classes. I started her Bootcamp in 2006 at age 48. I was 45 lbs. overweight with a Thyroid condition and no matter what I did I couldn't get the weight off until I changed my diet with Nisa's guidance and stopped eating meat and dairy products. I have managed to keep the weight off with that and a daily exercise program for the last 17 years. I have never felt better in my life, and now I am 65 years young! My 30 years with Nisa has been a blessing. She is not only my trainer, but a good friend who really and truly cares about my physical and mental health. She cares about animals, the environment and the world around her. Thank you so much Nisa {and Ben} Here's to another 30 years! Love Phyllis

I joined NisaFit with the intent of "cleaning up my body and getting in shape". I was super nervous to start but knew that I needed to stay on the track of exercising and eating healthy.
Little did I know it would be more than exercise. The past year & a half has been an incredible journey for me. I have changed my entire lifestyle. I found myself again. I've done that with the motivation, inspiration and support of Nisa, Ben and the amazing women that are NisaFit. I am forever grateful and thankful.
Nisa's Fit Camp is a life changer.

I work out daily all winter in California, but I'm in the best shape in the summer when I work out with Nisa - she changes it up, keeps it interesting and gets every inch of my body strong. Think you can't get up early? So did I and now I have been doing it for over seven years...mornings with the group are the best part of the day - even in the rain!

I was on MV for a week and checked out one of Nisa's fit camps at 6 AM. My big regret is not getting up sooner in the week to do this. This was an amazing way to start the day, awesome work out with a super encouraging and supportive group. I'll be back next year! Thank you Nisa!


I came to boot camp somewhat reluctantly at first, but was encouraged by many friends who found themselves to be addicted to many aspects of camp. I have always incorporated my workout into my lifestyle, but, with various injuries and time constraints, this was not my reality any longer. I've always been a little freaked out by "the gym" but am always up for a new adventure, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! The many lifestyle changes that boot camp has brought about are far reaching, and I didn't even realize what a difference it was going to make in my big picture! The change in my body in the first month was unbelievable! There's such comfort in knowing Nisa is watching out for me, both because of her professionalism and her down to earth realism when it comes to encouraging each person as they need a little prodding along! I have been doing boot camp for 5 months now, and truly didn't think I'd do it beyond the first month... it is addicting! The friendships I've developed in class, the lifestyle changes and ultimately the new appreciation I have for the power I've found within myself make boot camp my favorite surprise in quite awhile! If you're reading this trying to decide if you'd like it....give it a try...I'm so thankful I did!

 I'm 16 years old and i've been training with Nisa for three summers. Every summer I look forward to working out more than any other daily activity. I, like many others, am impatient, competitive, and get bored easily, which is why working out with Nisa is so incredible - it's actually fun. We do different workouts every day, plus she challenges me to push harder than I knew I was capable of. I have been known to enjoy myself so much that I forgot I was working out, but was reminded the next day by a pleasant soreness, and rewarded at the end of the summer by awesome muscles. Being an ex-gymnast, I never liked the idea of working out just to get strong, but I love these workouts, and finish each one energetic and exhilarated. Nisa is also great at creating workouts keeping in mind specific injuries (I can never successfully use my "bad knees" as an excuse not to do lunges because they truly never hurt while I'm working out). In addition to feeling great about my body and energy levels, I love getting to spend time chatting with an interesting, funky, and cool person like Nisa. Over the past three summers, I have learned an incredible amount about my body's abilities, and about how amazing working out can make me feel. I have pushed myself to a point where I have shocked myself, but never once have i dreaded a workout... and I think that says it all! 


Nisa~ You are an inspiration, you not only talk the talk you walk the walk, run the run, and crunch the crunches. You don't preach wellness/fitness, you live it, and I mean blood sweat and tears it's in the marrow of your bones to live with conviction and in a state of well being! You have been a huge part of my journey through the years to become a healthier me.



You are always by my side one hundred percent, whether I'm in a "good" place and thriving or in a "not-so-good" place and struggling, I can count on your strength, your honesty and your "yes you can" attitude, and it means the world to me. I know I can talk to you about anything and whatever is going with you, you always have the ability to be there for me, and many others

***SO I say .... go to Nisafit fitcamp and run on the beaches, kayak in the waters, and be healthy


Susanna Savoy

I joined Nisafit during my summer holiday in order to train and get strong for the 3Peaks Challenge in the UK- climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK within 24 hours. 
The training was amazing and got me energized to tackle these mountains! Every morning on a different beach/location on the island and the great company with like-minded women focused on staying fit was inspiring and made me want to continue all the strength I had gained from solid weeks of training with Nisa. Nisa's positive and encouraging demeanor made me want to not let her down- the sign of a great instructor!  I would highly recommend Nisafit and plan to rejoin the group when I return next summer!

We had a long, cold winter on the Island. After way too much hanging out on the couch and baking and eating dozens of delicious chocolate chip cookies, spring finally came. It was cold and kind of miserable too. This meant not much moving around, other than from the kitchen to the living room to the car. In short, I was out of shape and I was spending my late afternoons napping.
In early June my birthday was coming. I was going to be 72. I decided to give myself the gift of being fit and healthy. My daughter had been training with Nisa and taking her boot camp fitness classes and was doing so well, looking good and feeling healthy. So I called Nisa and asked if I could join her NisaFit Boot Camp classes. She said, "Sure, just show up at 6 am on Monday at Owen Park with your yoga matt." I thought it would be great to go for a couple of weeks. Nisa did a thorough health intake, writing down on a profile sheet my measurements and all my issues and concerns, and she suggested there were some specific things I should not do. And then I joined the class. The group of women varied in age, ability, size, shape and goals. But every single one of us had an intention in common: to become as fit as we could.
The first two weeks I could barely stay awake until bedtime, which now became 9 o'clock, but I really liked what we were doing in the classes. The group meets with Nisa and Ben at a different outdoor location every morning - each spot unique and quite beautiful. We saw sunrises and sailboats and beaches and parks at 6 am every day. And I just did the best I could. So after a couple of weeks, I thought I'd take classes for a couple more weeks to make it a month.
By the end of the first month I felt more energetic than I had in a long, long time. Instead of dragging my ass up the stairs at work I was bounding up them! I could actually see the differences in my body and I could feel myself getting stronger and more confident. I was less hungry than I had been and I paid much better attention to the food I was making and eating. Then I upped for the next month! At the end of the month we get measured, not weighed, and what a trip it is to hear how many inches I lost all over my body when the last Friday of the month rolls around. One thing that I have noticed time and again is that Nisa pays strict attention to each student. She reminds me not to lift my neck by pulling it or not to bear too much weight on my shoulder. She always has an alternative exercise for me so that I don't injure myself while I'm getting stronger.
I have now been training with NisaFit for 14 weeks! I look amazing and I feel good and strong. So, if you think you're too old, or too out of shape, or too busy, or too whatever you think that prevents you from getting fit and feeling better than you ever knew you could - think again my friend. If I can do it, you can do it. All you have to do is your best. Every day. One step at a time. I hope you will join us. It's a blast!!!

I Want to thank you for a great week of classes!  It was so nice to meet you, and I really learned a lot of great things to add to my workouts.  Bought a weighted hula hoop, and I will learn to hula!  
Just want to mention - everyday you mentioned to eat clean, no dairy, no gluten and vegan.  I am already gluten free because I have Celiac, but I have never seemed to really be totally better.  I am better a lot of the time, but then I have various reactions as though I have had gluten somehow, and always feeling bloated, and just can't seem to lose weight.  Been back to Dr. and Nutritionist and they don't know of course.  Anyways, I looked up dairy free and found tons of articles on the casein protein being a partner in crime with gluten.  So, just wanted to let you know that that one statement everyday that you said might have been my "aha" moment.  Hopefully that will be the puzzle piece to me feeling better all the time!  


we get real long lasting results



we get real long lasting results


I started going to NisaFit when I realized I wanted to be in good shape as I was turning 50! I have always been an active person and enjoyed sports and being outside. What I struggled with was motivating myself on a regular basis and finding a regular routine that worked for me. Getting up early every day and going to NisaFit at 6AM helps me focus - both physically and mentally. I get the work out done early and can enjoy the rest of my day.  Her classes are fun, varied and stimulating as well as effective! She motivates and coaches with the right amount of tough love and support. She has our backs! Ben is right there along with her helping keeping it  fun and real. It becomes a lifestyle! ~Elaine Barse

 I started working out with Nisa over 30 years ago at The Tisbury Inn, now Mansion House, when she had her classes. Then I started doing her Bootcamp in 2006 and through a plant based diet and exercise I lost 45 lbs. and have kept it off to this day. I am now 63 years old and have never felt better in my life both mentally and physically! I highly recommend NisaFit, the woman are great to workout with, and Nisa and ben make a great team.~Phyllis Williams


 "You ARE strong, but many hearts and minds and bodies are better because you are part of this island..... You're a treasure."
~Roberta M


Nisafit continues to be the best workout on the island. I returned to California after six weeks of mornings with Nisa and everyone wants to know how I got so strong and thin! Nisa still has the magic to change your body. Join Nisa's fitcamp workouts today and laugh with a great group of women while you get strong

~Ann King 2020

Nisa truly changed my life. I went from being self-conscious, always thinking about how I look, to never worrying about looking out of shape. Before I did Nisa's bootcamp, I wanted to love exercise and understood eating healthily, but could never commit to either. Bootcamp completely changed that - I love exercise and feel completely motivated to stay in shape. It seemed intimidating at first, but Nisa and the other women in boot camp create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that anyone would feel comfortable in. I left Martha's Vineyard to go back to school feeling and looking great, and with a life long friend who has significantly impacted my life. Doing Nisa's fit camp was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


One of the things I love most about Nisa is her encouraging, positive attitude combined with the ability to give me a gentle, but firm kick in the butt when I need it. I'm not a fan of working out. That being said, jumping up and down on an Urban Rebounder at the beach while watching the sun come up with a group of entertaining, strong women beats sleeping in any day, even when I have to drag myself out of bed to get there!
Nisa is great at accommodating old injuries and physical limitations, including being very out of shape! Don't wait to "get into shape" before starting Bootie Camp! Come join us and get into the best shape you've been in, and have fun while doing it.


The best thing about living on Marthas Vineyard is taking Nisa's Bootcamp class every morning at 6am

I Love our group ... And our wonderful outside wonderful places we go together and exercise!
Nisa really cares about her girls, and her assistant,her love, Ben and she kicks our butts

This is why we are so excited!!!!!!! Nisa will embrace anyone who would like to join us in our early morning boot camp!
And I will speak for all of us, we love her, and we love all the torture she puts us through!!!!

If you think it takes a really long time to change your body, to get back to where you were, your vibrant happy healthy body it actually doesn't have to take that long. At least to make a start that is visible, that you can feel and is noticed by people in your life. I've been very unhappy in my body for years, and was feeling really overwhelmed about starting, and worried about how long it would take to get back to where I was. So it turns out you don't have to get all the way back to where you were most happy, ie. to your goal because the journey is very empowering. Making a decision to commit, then actually committing, then seeing and feeling results is satisfying. I've made many changes with my eating, spiritually, and working out regularly and I feel really good, I'm proud of myself. For two months I have gone back to eating the way that works for me (no gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or meat) it's eating clean. Working out with Nisa 3 days a week and walking and working on myself in personal ways, changing what doesn't work and doing more of what does. So for me it's holistic. When I tried to just "lose weight" it didn't work and every time I just ended up gaining it back, (plus some) and feeling like a failure. Today after one month of working out, one on one (boot camp style) with Nisa, she re-measured me, I have lost 10.25 inches, which I look at as a win and as progress! Progress not perfection.. So I'm finding it's not reaching the goal but the journey, the self commitment that feels so rewarding. Nisa is a rock, she never says never, she believes I'm strong when I feel weak, if I say "I don't think I can do that" she says "yes you can" and guess what? I can. And she keeps reminding me about the bikini days coming up this summer, (I was afraid of that this past summer, now I'm not.) So my body is changing, I'm stronger, my spirit is lighter, and I'm fully on my way to reaching my goal of inner and outer health and beauty.

Nisafit gives you all the tools & motivation you need to find yourself on the right path of becoming who you want to be.
Working out every morning at sunrise with Nisa & a group of inspiring ladies makes you feel encouraged to fulfill your fitness dreams.
Nisafit helped me tackle my mocking pair of 'skinny' jeans in my closet. after 9 weeks with her i was able to button, zip & even sit down in those damn jeans. (i even had to get a belt)! 
jump roping, hula hooping, bunny hopping, spinach & nisafit THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!

Nisa's Boot Camp: It is life changing, it is body changing, it is mind changing!! It serves to remind us how important it is to take care of one's self. Nisa is inspiring and leads by example. Plain and Simple: "Boot Camp - Re-boots your Booty"

Dress by Armani, Body by Nisa!!!! Thanks so much, my dress for tonight fits amazing!!! I was afraid to try it on until now and I'm glad because the results are dramatic.

Nisa's bootcamp is an outstanding experience. My time in MV isn't complete without the early morning 'oh-six-hundred' meet-up every day of the week. It's so early to be up and running (literally) you sort of just do it--Nisa thinks about it all for you, she motivates you (as do all the other outstanding women in the class, her "mamas"), she inevitably finds the exercises that offer the best effort/reward ratio so it works! I travel from far and wide, but never want to miss a camp. It's really, really fun."


"it's really a joy to workout with nisa"

Carly Simon

 Before this summer it was impossible for me to run a steady two minutes without stopping to catch my breath. And now I am able to run a 5K in 35 minutes all thanks to Nisafit! This summer I had the amazing opportunity of working with Nisa and Ben 6 days a week for an hour and a half at 8 in the morning. Sometimes I had the chance to go to Nisa's 4:30 muscle class. It does't matter how good someone is at their job it just matters how nice they are and how much they love their work. This is the perfect description of Nisa, good at what she does, always nice and very encouraging. It is also very easy to see how happy she is when she is training either one on one or instructing a whole group of people. Over the course of my short session this summer with Nisafit I could see myself change in a very short amount of time. It didn't take three months to get a slight change, in the first couple of weeks it felt like i was a different person! And now I have no doubt in my mind that I will be returning to the Nisafit program next summer and I will continue to change all thanks to NISAFIT.  


Even when I don't really want to go and I make myself go - I am always happy I go. The people are fun, the workouts are stimulating and challenging and my ass has never looked to good!

Thanks Nisa!


If you're reading this do yourself a favor and just sign up. you will be so happy you did. nisafit gets results!

"Working out with Nisa is such a fun, challenging experience. I have spent the last five summers taking her bootcamp classes on Martha's Vineyard, and the results are always amazing. This summer I lost 9 inches, increased my endurance, and was able to run my first road race; I feel stronger than I have in years. The workouts are hard, early in the morning, and you will be sore, but the encouragement that you receive from Nisa and the other women in the class make it an energizing, great way to start your day. Nisa knows her craft, and truly cares about the individual health and success of her clients. I highly recommend this workout!"

I feel so good when im on Nisa's eating clean program and doing bootcamp everyday stomach doesn't hurt, my skin is awesome and the pounds literally melt away. Now that i have been off track my skin is dry and i feel as if the pounds have been running back towards me trying to grab on. I just dont feel well!
So hear i go again and i hate saying that but i need to. if i don't catch myself now all that i have worked hard for will disappear! I have Nisa's support and i need to do this i want to feel and be healthy!!!!!!!!!!!! monday starts a new fitcamp month 5 down 60lbs and over 30 inches size 8 is just around the corner!

Where to begin? My boot camp experience started out as a surprise birthday gift from my son. Being overweight and a few health issues, I thought 'your time has come girl'! Get ready!
Well Monday came and off I went. Yes it was difficult. I could barely keep up with everyone! But I was adamant that I was not going to embarrass my son and let him down.  By the third week I actually 'liked' it! I'd started eating better and I was enjoying myself. I loved how every day was different and how quickly these once strangers became my new support system.
By the fourth week Nisa wanted to know who would be returning for July. "Oh crap!" was all I could think.
Now it's up to me!
Do I want to continue? Can I continue?   
I didn't like what I saw in the mirror before Nisa entered my life. I can't tell you exactly why this one time size 6 couldn't get it together. ENOUGH! I HAD to do this for Me!
So I signed up for July! I already lost 10 pounds and 12 inches in 4 weeks ! What could another 4 weeks get me??? I was excited for sure! I found things could still be hard, but easier too and I began to feel a little more confident.
"Find your inner warrior," Nisa says, Oh I'm looking!
Once again the end of the month came and Nisa wanted to know who would be returning. With my inner warrior so close I just had to keep going!
It's August now and while it can be a struggle putting myself first, I'm so grateful for my son's gift and for Nisa's ability to get this girl 'up and running' again! Literally running! I still have pounds & inches to loose and stumbling blocks for sure. I just know I like what I see so far.
With Nisa's boot camp you will find empowerment, encouragement, laughter, new friends and a smaller, healthier you!
"So get off your Ass and find your Inner Warrior! You deserve it!!"

Nisa's boot camp is an invaluable experience for women working towards reaching their health and fitness goals. Nisa provides a safe, nourishing environment for women to face the difficult challenges that accompany fitness and health. She does an incredible job incorporating the mind-body connection into her boot camps, while still providing individualized challenges to take you to the next level. No matter your fitness level Nisa's boot camps supply you with integral tools for your personal journey. Nisa brings a personal touch, innumerable experience and support to each individual in her boot camp. It is not only life changing, but also FUN!

My husband and I have worked out with Nisa for 12 years We have found her to be highly professional, challenging, knowledgeable about the human body and how it works, and able to adapt training sessions to suit our needs and injuries. She has a lovely personality and is a joy to work with. We highly recommend her.

"Bootcamp changed my life. I may always hate getting up at 530am and running up the steepest hill on the Vineyard, but I love how I feel afterward and throughout the day, and I love the constant support from Nisa and the rest of the women. Bootcamp is SO much more than a workout, it's a lifestyle."
"Nisa is an amazing instructor because she pushes you to your limits, while always keeping you safe. She learns your body and it's capabilities as much as you do, probably more! The support and genuine hope she has in each one of her bootcampers is what makes her the best!"
"My therapist gave me a new prescription and it was to join Nisa's bootcamp. I groaned with the thought of waking up early and actually working out- both of which I hated! I told myself I would do a month... I stayed for 3... and I know I will return. Nisa is amazing and bootcamp taught me so much about my self and how good I could feel in my own body."
"The best part about bootcamp is the friends you find there and the support you receive. That group of women becomes your family and Nisa is the "mama bird." Everyone is changed by their experience in bootcamp; physically, emotionally, and mentally. I know I was!"
"Bootcamp is the bomb!!!" 


" Oh, it's you again........ "

Katharine Graham



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