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May 1st starts our 38th fitness season

we can't wait to see you!


Nisa has been a personal trainer across the United States andSt. Croix, including Martha's Vineyard, Vail, Colorado, and South Beach,Miami for over 30 years. Her innovative approach in fusing fitness toreal life - the crux of Nisa's philosophy - is why clients, includingcelebrities and professional athletes, vie for her expertise as apersonal trainer.Personalized fitness regimens engineered for a single person or group utilize her years of experience, accreditations and certificationsas well as her easy smile and quick wit. Re-training years ofconditioned perceptions about self image and societal demandsis a personal journey and not one Nisa will let a client walk alone.Her heartfelt commitment to her clients extends beyond the physicalgoals that are achieved, fostering the necessary changes to eachindividual's personal logic. Every person, every personal trainingsession is a success story and it is with that conviction, coupledwith her education, that enables Nisa to believe in each and everyone of her clients.

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