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come change your life

A healthy lifestyle starts with a fit body. As your Fitness Instructor, I will identify your fitness goals, design a program that fits your needs and lead you through every workout.

I’ve been helping clients on Martha's Vineyard and around the world since 1985. My experience and holistic approach to health and fitness will have you feeling great in no time. What are you waiting for? I’m here to help. Put on those trainers, pack your bag and let’s start your fitness journey. Reach out today.



Nisa has been a personal trainer across the United States and
St. Croix, including Martha's Vineyard, Vail, Colorado, and South Beach,
Miami for over 30 years. Her innovative approach in fusing fitness to
real life - the crux of Nisa's philosophy - is why clients, including
celebrities and professional athletes, vie for her expertise as a
personal trainer.
Personalized fitness regimens engineered for a single person or 
group utilize her years of experience, accreditations and certifications
as well as her easy smile and quick wit. Re-training years of
conditioned perceptions about self image and societal demands
is a personal journey and not one Nisa will let a client walk alone.
Her heartfelt commitment to her clients extends beyond the physical
goals that are achieved, fostering the necessary changes to each
individual's personal logic. Every person, every personal training
session is a success story and it is with that conviction, coupled
with her education, that enables Nisa to believe in each and everyone of her clients.

She also has built a very successful wellness coaching business called EVOLUTIONISA and a super cool ethically sourced knitwear company called NISA MARS 



A Happier You

Ben has worked with amazing trainers all around the world as a collegiate football player and club rugby star. He stresses flexibility, safety and fun, while developing strength, endurance and over-all well-being. Every session will provide different situations and challenges for people of all fitness levels and ambitions. Ben will keep you on your toes, keep your heart rate up, and provide the necessary tools to reach your personal goals. Every body is different, but by learning to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we can inspire change that will last a lifetime